The first step in becoming an affiliate for Paid4TweetN is to have a Clickbank account.  If you do not have a Clickbank account, don't worry, it only will take you a second to create one and it's completely free!  Click here to setup your account if you do not have one.

If you already have your Clickbank affiliate id ready, please continue below. announces winner of September09 Affiliate Rush Contest. 

Carson E, Congrats on your winnings!
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Every month, Paid4TweetN will hold a contest for the highest sales for our affiliates.  Each affiliate must be registered in our Affiliate system in order to participate.  The current contest prize is $1500.00

Please continue to the bottom of the page to sign up for our affiliate program and earn bonuses on top of your commissions!
As an affiliate, you will receive a duplicate version of our website that will track your sales and update your commissions automatically via Clickbank.  You will have the ability to track your conversions from your Google and Yahoo PPC ad campaigns by inputting your conversion tracking code into your Clickbank account.  We will show you more about this later.

With every sale you generate, you will earn $8.00.  With Twitter being the hottest social network and our program being the best program available, you will quickly earn a large volume of commissions.  As we mentioned previously, our average affiliate earns over $2,800 per month just by promoting our program. 

Partnering with Paid4TweetN will generate results!  We give our affiliates all of the tools and resources needed to make great money as an affiliate of ours!  With closing ratios at 4/10.  For every 10 people you can get to visit your custom affiliate webpage from us, you will earn about $32! 
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Clickbank is a secure payment provider and marketplace for affiliate networking.  With over 10 years experience, Clickbank is the trusted source for payment processing for over 40,000 online vendors. 

To date, Clickbank has paid out over $1 Billion in commissions to affiliate marketers worldwide.  The Clickbank Network is available to affiliates worldwide.
Over the years, we have used many different affiliate tracking networks and time after time we have encountered problems.  With Clickbank, we can give our affiliates the confidence they are doing business with a reputable business.  Clickbank is a third party that will track and pay all commissions. 

Since Clickbank processes our payments, you can be sure that there system will track all sales and record all commissions that are applicable to your affiliate account.  They offer both check and direct deposit options to be pay our affiliates.
Creating your affiliate website is very simple.  In fact, no other affiliate network offers the ability to create a duplicate affiliate website this easy.  To complete this step, you will need to have your Clickbank nickname available.  Once you are ready, please continue to the steps below.
If your Clickbank nickname was johnsmith your affiliate website address would be:

NOTE:  You will need to replace the red text with your nickname.  In order to do this, you will need to copy the website address above or write it down on a separate piece of paper.  You can not click on the red text in this example.
Now that you have created your website address, you will want to test it.  You can do this by entering your website address into your Internet browser.  We have included a screenshot below that will show you where to enter your address.
Once you type it in, press your enter key on your keyboard.  You will see a duplicate page of our sales page. The difference will be at the end of the web address you will see: ?hop=yournickname

Please note that it will be YOUR ClickBank nickname, not "yournickname" that we typed there.

Once you have verified that your affiliate website is working correctly, you are finished and ready to start making money.  So good ideas for promoting your website is using pay per click advertising, social networks, blogging, email marketing and any other idea you may come up with.  The overall objective is to get as many people to your affiliate website as possible.

We understand that getting started may be challenging.  That is why we have developed some partnerships with some very good programs that will help you along the way.

Each of these programs will teach you a different portion of affiliate marketing and will offer you a different way to promote your new affiliate website.
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If you really want to maximize your efforts with affiliate marketing, then you need to check out Ekoh Group.  They have developed a special program of review websites that will not only help you with selling this program, but their websites offer 10 products total.

This is very beneficial for you in many ways!  If you are going to spend your efforts marketing your affiliate website url, wouldn't it make more sense if you were selling 10 products total?  This program is a must see!  To check this program out, click here.
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If you are looking for help with Google Adwords, we highly recommend you invest in Adwords For Beginners.  This complete guide will teach you everything you will need to know on how you can make money using Google Adwords. 

Many people may have tried using Google Adwords in the past and have experienced very little to no success.  That is why we have searched for the best guide to teach our affiliates how to successful use the largest search engine.  The best affiliates use Google Adwords every day and earn thousands!  To check this program out, click here.
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Our top recommendation is to use our program.  We have seen huge success with our affiliates that actually use our step by step formula to market products.  The best part of this option is that once you have our program, it will cost you nothing in the future to use it! 

Having the option to use a program that will allow you to keep all of your earnings as profit is a big advantage.  The reason we even mention this option is due to the number of affiliates we get that have not even seen our program.  To learn more about Paid4TweetN, click here.
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